The K of D in the Big Room

By Bradford Kimball

For 30 minutes on Wednesday, May 1st, a group of 8th graders performed The K of D in the Big Room and mesmerized the audience with their performance. The cast had performed at Dramafest on the previous Saturday and won the gold medal for best play. Many individuals won awards for sound design, music, and acting.

The production’s success at Dramafest was mirrored during the performance in the Big Room. The play was loved by the audience, with the narrative of the script blending with excellent acting and effects to create a great production.

The play was set in a southern town and to make the audience feel immersed, the actors worked on their accents which convinced the audience of the setting. Asher Parker-Sartori, a member of the cast said that, “It was a great process. Rebecca helped the cast with their accents because we were going for a town that was not completely southern.”

The mix of many narratives and the deliberate muddling of reality and urban legend led Alex Avram to say, “I thought it was confusing yet it was intriguing.” The play completed its creative objective, blurring the lines between reality and stories.

The performance of the actors in The K of D is what made the production shine. In every actor’s performance, their emotion and hard work was visible to the audience. Darius Sinha said, “The actors were very good at portraying their roles.” Additionally the musical performance, sounds, lights, and special effects brought to life the set in a whole new way. It seemed as if the actors had created their own universe, and for 35 minutes, the audience was sucked into that.