Comitas Shout-Outs!

Compiled by, Ana-Chrysa Maravelias

To Isabella Marie Selden. She always helps students who need it in class, or are behind due to illness, and I watched her support a student after class – not a best friend – who was having a terrible day. The student was very appreciative! – Mr. Rogers

To Ms. Tarshis. Sorry for being your best 7th grade class (except on Fridays) – Anonymous

This one goes out to the Spidey Crew!!! Pow, pow, powwwwwwwwww – Lulit

Gracias to Spiros Gerogiannis for being a member of Snack Club!

The biggest of thanks and the best of luck to the best Science Club Leader, The Superb Snack Club leader, Beast mode baseball coach and virtuous science teacher!

Thank you for Amphitrite for offering to help when I was carrying several bags! – Ms. Coughlin

Shout out to Jude for volunteering for the entire time of the BB&N Circus at the LS! – Ms. Coughlin

I would like to shout out Liam for helping me in tennis. He was very understanding of my skill level and helped me learn to play. – Bennett

I shout out Thomas for always helping me with my science questions! – Liam

I’d like to shout out Darius Sinha in 7th grade for his spectacular quizlets that he made for our French class everytime we had a quiz coming up. Thanks to Darius for his help and kindness. – Eleanor