What Is Drama Fest?

By Isabella-Marie Selden

The Drama Festival is an annual acting competition between multiple schools in Massachusetts. Each school chooses a play to perform and bring to the festival. The festival is held at one of the schools in Massachusetts, and the day consists of watching performances and performing. On Saturday, April 27th, BB&N Drama Fest students will arrive at school at 6:45 AM. From there, they will load all their props onto the bus and head to the school holding the festival. When at the school, each competing school will watch around eight performances in addition to performing their own. Once all the schools have performed, judges will give gold, silver, or bronze medals to the schools of their choice. Individual awards will also be given for projection, body language, costume design, and much more. After the judges have handed out the medals and awards, the students will hop back on the bus and head to the Middle School at around 9:00 PM. The festival runs for the whole day and it is a great opportunity to meet new friends from other schools and bond with those from the same school.

This year, BB&N will perform The K of D: An Urban Legend, written by  Laura Schellhardt. The story is a summertime ghost story about a girl named Charlotte McGraw who has a fatal skill. Charlotte’s brother kissed her right before he died. Legend has it that anything Charlotte kisses from that point on will die as well. The children of the town try to figure out mysteries while also trying to protect themselves.

The cast is all eighth graders, and consists of: Alexandra, Isabella-Marie, Timothy, Elsie, Sanisha, Louis, Jack, Anji, Matthew, Sandro, Hannah, and Preeya. As of music, Asher plays the violin. The stage managers, who help with the lighting, sound cues, and much more, are Gabi and Meria.

If you are a seventh grader and like to act, consider signing up for the Drama Fest next year for a chance to act, compete, and have fun with your friends!