Spotlight on Mr. Rossiter

By Alexandra Kluzak

Three Things You Didn’t Know About Mr. Rossiter

  1. Mr. Rossiter’s First Band Was Called Honeycat
  2. Mr. Rossiter Has Music on Spotify
  3. Mr. Rossiter Has Performed Live In Seven States

If you’re a student on the BB&N Middle School campus, there’s a good chance you’ve heard some of Mr. Rossiter’s catchy tunes. Whether you’re walking in the hallway and hear someone humming “Apples Up” or you’ve just come out of English class and have listened to the writing mechanics song called “Building a House” or you’ve just left assembly and heard the “Have a Heart” song to promote the Have a Heart Food Drive, you can often hear some Mr. Rossiter jams on campus. When I watched him write a song for the Community Service Club, I was immediately curious about how he wrote songs and about his musical background.

Mr. Rossiter says that he became interested in songwriting around high school but started to really invest himself in college. The first song he ever wrote was one called “Star Spinning” which he now claims was a“terrible, terrible song”. Though Mr. Rossiter believes that there is no set way to write a song, he says that normally his songs begin with a theme or idea (lyrically). As he develops the concept he has chosen, he experiments with melody and chords. As for inspiration, Mr. Rossiter cites his two children for sparking many of his song ideas which are directed towards children six or seven years old.

Mr. Rossiter was also part of a band that wrote children’s songs (check out Ethan Rossiter and The Jamberries on Spotify!). Unfortunately the band recently broke up, but Mr. Rossiter has still been using his musical talent to help many causes on the BB&N Middle School campus. For example, for Community Service Club’s “Have a Heart Food Drive” he wrote “Have a Heart” (“If you don’t know where to start/ hey you, Have a Heart!”). We can certainly give him some credit for the success of the food drive. And of course, in English class the Grammar jam “Building a House” (“you’ll learn the parts of speech like you’re building a house/foundation in the ground that’s your verb and your noun). But the song that Mr. Rossiter says he is most proud of is the famed “Apple’s Up” (“Apples up/ apples up/apples up”). His students report that when Mr. Rossiter begins singing this song, they know to close their computers and put their “Apple’s Up”.

Ethan Rossiter and the Jamberries are also on Spotify, and he explained to me what the process of being an artist on Spotify is. Mr. Rossiter says that he records songs on a CD, and along with some money, sends it to a company called “CD Baby” that helps independent artists distribute their music. You can find more of his music online.

To all the budding songwriters out there, Mr. Rossiter says that his best advice would be to “believe in yourself, For every one good song I’ve written, I’ve written 10 bad songs”.